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Insurtech AI Leader Betterview Appoints Dan Shoham, PhD, as Chief Science Officer

Betterview, which is quickly becoming the platform essential to every property transaction, today announced the appointment of Dr. Dan Shoham as its new Chief Science Officer.  Prior to joining Betterview, Dr. Shoham was a Lead Data Scientist at Farmers Insurance.  

“We are very excited that Dr. Shoham chose to bring his unique skill set in predictive analytics, computer vision, insurance and entrepreneurship to Betterview,” said David Lyman, CEO & Co-Founder, Betterview.  “Having developed a proprietary risk score for buildings and properties, we are looking forward to leveraging Dr. Shoham’s expertise to further enhance our predictive analytic capabilities to help insurance companies quantify and price risk,” explained Lyman.  

Currently, Betterview’s Roof Risk Score is being used by insurance companies on new business and renewals to assess the condition of roofs and the properties they insure. Carriers can use Betterview’s platform to investigate high-risk properties, as well as initiate risk-mitigation measures. Betterview is also expanding beyond the roof to drive towards a holistic view of buildings and properties.

Dr. Shoham, who in 1986 earned a PhD in Mathematics from Temple University at age 21, making him one of the youngest doctorate awardees anywhere, joins Betterview having worked at organizations widely recognized as computer vision and predictive analytics pioneers, including:  

● MIT Lincoln Labs where he was part of a team that pioneered computer vision science to detect Soviet mobile ballistic missile launchers during the Cold War.

● HNC Software (acquired by FICOⓇ), creators of one of the first predictive analytic models used to identify credit card fraud and the earliest provider of neural networks technology in a commercial setting.

● Edgewater Analytics (founded by Dr. Shoham), an angel-backed startup that developed predictive analytic small business creditworthiness scores.

“I feel the many roles in my life, from the far-ahead-of-its-time computer vision work at MIT in the 1980s, building some of the first commercially successful neural networks at HNC in the 1990s, founding predictive analytics startup Edgeware Analytics in the 2000s, and being a lead data scientist at Farmers Insurance in the 2010s, have all led to this day,” said Dr. Dan Shoham.  “I am looking forward to the challenge of leading Betterview’s computer vision and predictive analytics teams, and more importantly, using this opportunity to create value for an entire industry,” said Shoham.  


Along with his PhD, Dr. Shoham also holds a joint MBA from Columbia and London Business School, and is the inventor of numerous granted patents in the area of predictive analytics, as well as a licensed CPA.  


Over the next few months, Dr. Shoham will be sharing his extensive experience in computer vision, predictive analytics and insurance on Betterview’s blog at:


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