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Kelly Klee Delivers the First Customizable Online Coverage Plan for Private Client Insurance

Kelly Klee, Inc., the digital insurance broker for financially successful Americans, announced today that it has released the first-ever customizable online coverage plan for private client insurance. The Kelly Klee online coverage plan allows consumers to see quotes for all their most important assets, including unlimited cars, homes, collections, and umbrella liability. 

Kelly Klee’s prospective customers can also customize their insurance plans while viewing them. They can select different product features, such as flood and earthquake coverage, and see how their choices affect their overall rate. They can also select among different insurers, ask their coverage advisor questions, and even indicate that they’re ready to purchase, all online.

One of Kelly Klee’s goals was to empower consumers with more and better information to inform their decisions. To this end, the online coverage plan offers helpful explanations of key coverages, a comparison of insurers’ benefits, and catastrophic risk assessments provided by insurance data provider HazardHub. HazardHub’s founder, John Siegman, commented, "It's an honor for HazardHub to have been selected by Kelly Klee to be a part of Kelly Klee's automated coverage plan. We have long been believers in sharing risk data with consumers, as an insured's home is usually a significant asset they want to protect. We love the forward-thinking nature of the automated coverage plan and look forward to being part of it."

This new product also provides Kelly Klee with a significant efficiency advantage. “One of the things we’re pushing the envelope on is providing a speedy experience for our busy customers,” said CEO Jon Kelly. “With this new technology, our coverage advisors can automatically generate a detailed coverage plan, customize it, and send it out. What takes traditional agencies hours or days to complete, we can do in minutes.”

The company has piloted the online coverage plan and has already seen significant usage, including the first online sale. Kelly Klee’s product team is already planning the next version based on feedback from early testers and its internal advisors. Planned features include the ability to choose between different deductible options and a comparison chart that displays differences between the customer’s existing and proposed coverage.

“We think this is just the beginning,” said President Bob Klee. “Consumer expectations for speed and online access have not been met for high-end insurance products. We’re excited to bring this part of the market into the 21st century.”


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