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Meet Your Customers’ New Expectations

In today's fast paced digitally enabled world its important to take the time to listen to your customer.  Listen to what they care about, what are their needs, what are their expectations and how they want to be engaged with.  You must know your customer and personalize the engagement.  If not, you could lose them to someone who does.  

Customer focus is always a win-win.   Majesco’s latest report, Building a Business Model for the Insurance Customer of the Future, provides insights on customer behavior changes and expectations based on generational group. It explores customers’ interest in innovations and competitors with new insurance products and business models, and it takes a deeper dive into customers’ use and perceptions of insurance distribution channels. These findings make a direct connection between customer-driven model changes and long-term payoff.

The survey results clearly show there should no longer be a debate about whether or not these new products, business models and expanding channels are desired by a new generation of customers.  Even more directly, it shows that they are desired by a growing number of existing customers.  To meet these expectations and be a leader in today’s competitive landscape, you must step-up the evolution of your business models to create new, innovative products and services, and offer channel options and personalized customer engagement – all enabled by modern digital platforms.  

So are you ready to listen?  

If so, we are ready to help you. Learn how Majesco is at the forefront of customer listenting and how the Majesco L&A and Group Core Suite and Majesco Digital1stInsuranceTM platforms can power your customer and growth strategies, enabling you to create innovative products and services to meet the demands and expectations of your customers for individual, group and voluntary benefits on a single platform.


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