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Nationwide Joins Construction Leaders to Prevent Most Common and Costly Causes of Claims

Business owners in construction-related companies know that falls in the workplace have a ripple effect of difficult impacts.  Since many businesses operate with a family culture, an injury to or the death of an employee is a deeply emotional process for the entire operation.  In addition, an owner will face losses in claims, reputation, liabilities, lost time, training, morale and more.

Nationwide reports that falls from elevated surfaces are one of the most common — and costly — causes of claims. Out of the 8,000 construction-related workers’ compensation claims the company has processed over the last six years, 35 percent have been a result of falls.

Nationwide responded to the growing practice groups’ need for support and restructured its model with dedicated teams, territory managers and leaders specifically for the construction industry. The company’s Loss Control Services experts coach construction leaders to create safe workplaces by working with owners and safety managers at construction business to:

  • Develop written policies and plans to reduce the use of ladders and make other safe options readily available
  • Regularly inspect equipment and repair/replace as needed
  • Train workers to properly use and inspect mobile scaffolding and lifts
  • Encourage workers to use rope, pulleys, block and tackle or other appropriate material-handling aids to lift materials onto elevated surfaces
  • Remind workers to use ladder alternatives, such as podium stepladders and baker racks instead of traditional A-frame and straight ladders

“It’s our goal to have families back together at the end of each day,” said Linda Stueber, Nationwide’s vice president of middle market commercial. “It’s a part of our values to focus on helping partners with prevention of serious worker injuries over simply responding once incidents occur.”

Construction customers benefit from the safety awareness programs, resources and training offered by Nationwide.  Nationwide also supports the national Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) campaign called “Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction,” running from May 6-10. 

“We want to come alongside leaders in the construction industry with access to safety tips and new procedures to ensure a safe, productive environment in every workplace,” Stueber added.


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