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Patra Corp Expands Successful Initial Phase of Patra Academy, Partners with Military Spouse Employment Program

Patra Corporation, a leader in insurance processing and technology, has moved forward from Phase 1 of its Patra Academy program. Patra Academy was developed as an innovative way for the company to meet its hiring needs in light of the talent shortage the industry is currently facing. Developed to expand its pool of talented insurance professionals through recruitment and formal training, Patra Academy recruits, trains and hires individuals with no previous insurance experience. Upon completion of training, graduates are placed within Patra’s nationwide network of insurance staff.

“Patra has expanded its place in the insurance and InsureTech marketplaces. Patra Academy is supporting the company’s growth by providing a path to find, train and employ great talent,” said John Simpson, CEO of Patra. “Not only are we feeling the talent shortage within the insurance industry, good business practice dictates that we don’t hire away talent from our clients, leading to even fewer qualified candidates. It’s very limiting.”

As the program has expanded, Patra has discovered that it’s well-suited to an under-utilized, and often underserved, talent pool: military spouses. Because Patra allows many of its employees to work remotely, Patra has been able to train and employ more than 30 military spouses and veterans with jobs that are portable enough to follow them to their next duty station; two Patra Academy locations are in proximity to military bases – Fort Campbell, near Clarksville, Tennessee, and Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada. Patra Academy also recently formalized a partnership with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), which will focus recruiting on and near major military installations, hiring spouses of active duty military.

"Patra's approach to recruiting, hiring, training, and employing our country's military spouses is inspiring. They truly appreciate the immense talent our spouses possess and Patra Academy is proof of its commitment to supporting our military families," says Kristen Geist-Hodgkins, Program Manager and Team Lead for the Employment Readiness Program at Fort Campbell. 

Patra Academy takes a “starting from scratch” approach, as most new hires have no insurance experience. The company pays for trainees to earn their insurance licenses, trains them on Patra account manager processes and provides them with a professional career at the company. Graduates, who begin working at Patra in roles suited to their training and other pre-Academy skills, often include former attorneys, engineers, accounting and retail professionals.

Patra Academy’s success and subsequent expansion bring the total number of locations to three, with a facility at its headquarters in El Dorado Hills, California in addition to those in Fallon and Clarksville. To date, Patra Academy boasts a retention rate near 90 percent.

Patra is committed to expanding its innovative solution to address the company’s staffing needs, and its commitment to recognizing the talent possessed by military spouses and veterans. As the company continues its expansion, it is looking to add three additional facilities nationwide in the next five years and continue to cultivate its partnership with the MSEP, by seeking out new locations near active military bases.

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