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Roost Partners with Desjardins on Smart Home Technology

Roost, a developer of smart home technology, announces its partnership with Desjardins, Canada’s third largest property and casualty home insurer. Their clients will now be eligible to receive a free Roost Smart leak detector whenever they sign up for the Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto or The Personal app. The Roost Smart water leak detector is designed to sense water leaks as well as humidity and freezing temperature situations and then deliver smartphone alerts to help minimize water damage.

In Canada, more than 50 percent of home insurance claims are due to water damage. This partnership with Roost allows Desjardins to provide their clients with a solution to mitigate these water leak situations in their homes as well as provide greater peace of mind. Roost offers a smart home platform built around a set of connected sensors and its smartphone app, to increase home safety via the transmission of up-to-the-minute alerts.

“We are excited about our new technology partnership with Roost. Desjardins was a pioneer in automotive telematics and with today’s launch of Alert, we are now looking to deliver an additional client engagement in the home. Through the new Roost smart water leak detectors, we are able to provide our clients with a simple and intuitive water damage solution that they can install themselves,” says Alex Veilleux, vice president, innovation and strategic partnerships at Desjardins.

“This is a key step in the validation and impact that our Roost Home Telematics solution can have on disrupting the P&C Insurance industry. Desjardins has been a fantastic partner to work with and we are thrilled to begin deploying our smart water leak detectors across Canada,” says Roel Peeters, Roost CEO and co-founder.  “We are eager to work together to better understand the ultimate impact on customer retention and engagement as well as reduction in water claims cost payout.”

The Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector incorporates water, temperature and humidity sensors that diagnose and alert consumers to four major home emergencies directly to their smartphone, including:

  • Water damage due to leaks from broken pipes, appliances and basement leaks
  • Frozen pipe water damage
  • Mold and mildew damage caused by high humidity conditions
  • Inefficient energy use due to abnormal home indoor temperature, caused by problems with heating and cooling systems or gaps in home seals to the outside.

Roost’s Home Telematics solution is changing the way that insurers engage with their policyholders, mitigate fire and water claims, and drive new business growth. 


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