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Roost partners with The Weather Company

Roost, a leader in Home Telematics for property insurance carriers, today announced it has partnered with The Weather Company, an IBM Business (NYSE: IBM), to bring customized emergency weather alerts to US and European Roost Home Telematics insurance partners and their policyholders, resulting in increased customer engagement.

This month Roost began rolling out The Weather Company's severe weather alert functionality through the Roost co-branded mobile app. These time sensitive and customized notifications enable policyholders to take preventative action before inclement weather strikes. The first insurer to launch will be GuideOne Insurance, with these customized weather alerts being incorporated into all future co-branded app partners across the US and Europe.

“We continuously strive to increase the value we deliver to our insurance partners and their policyholders. With weather related damage becoming a multi-billion dollar problem each year, it made great sense to expand our application services to notify policyholders about these meaningful and often devastating weather events,” said Roel Peeters, co-founder and CEO of Roost. “It was the perfect match to add The Weather Company's unique hyper local and relevant severe weather alerts to the Roost home telematics platform.”

Critical weather alerts

By forecasting an imminent windstorm, torrential rain, snow, extreme temperature or damaging hail, Roost's Home Telematics Platform will notify policyholders between 30 minutes to 24 hours in advance of expected emergency weather conditions. These severe weather notifications give policyholders an opportunity to use caution, seek shelter, or take the important steps to protect their property and help prevent potential losses.

In the US last year, hail alone was responsible for over $4 billion in claims paid out by property insurers. Roost's alert will trigger 30 minutes before damaging hail greater than one inch in diameter occurs within five hundred meters of the policyholder's selected location. Certainly, sufficient time to move automobiles under cover and prevent serious damage.

Roost's Home Telematics Platform is changing the way insurers engage with their policyholders, mitigate fire and water claims, and drive new business growth. The company continues to grow its reputation as the smart sensor notification platform, and customer engagement solution of choice, among a growing list of insurers across the U.S. and around the world.

You can learn more about this partnership on The Weather Company's Blog.

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