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Solartis Unveils Sandbox Sites for Insurance Technology Developers

Solartis announces it is unveiling a first of its kind for insurance business and technology teams, no-cost business analyst, developer, and user experience sandboxes to assess Solartis Sales and Policy life cycle micro web services and try out ISO and non-ISO lines of business, and example user interfaces.

Solartis sales and policy life cycle web services and the company’s library of ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC) revolutionizes policy administration technology projects as they shorten time to market; ensure loss cost, rule, and form accuracy; and minimize project risks because the web services, ISO rating content selections are pretested and readily available.

"Evaluating and selecting technology for consumer portals, agent policy issuance systems and full-blown carrier underwriting systems can be expensive, time consuming, and risky,” says Carol Mowry McKenzie, vice president, sales and marketing for Solartis. “With the Solartis Insure sandbox sites, we eliminate all that. Insurance technology and business teams can assess our sales and policy life cycle APIs, our library of ISO ERC, and examples of user interfaces, all without any sales pressure or commitment."

"As an insurtech company based by the beach in California, we love to play in the sand." says Nick Richardson, Solartis president and CEO. "We offer a no-risk way to try out our capabilities in three Solartis sandboxes. Our goal is to help accelerate the change to a fully digital insurance world."

All three Solartis sandboxes provide access to the Solartis Insure Sales and Policy lifecycle services, a library of ISO ERC, and example carrier products to test.

  • Developer Sandbox – Developers download a .Net / Java code snippet to get access to Solartis Insure Sales and Policy life cycle Web Services in their development environment through our APIs.
  • Business Analyst Sandbox – Insurance business analysts can try the Solartis Rating web service using the company’s JSON test harness. This sandbox features a product selection step from a library of ISO rating content and other insurance products; with a defaulted set of inputs that the business analyst can change. The JSON response contains the premium breakdown, forms list, statistical coding and the input values.
  • User Experience Sandbox - User experience professionals can try different examples of sales and policy administration implementations to quote, propose, pay for, issue, and endorse policies.

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