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Intelligent Capture Helps Insurers Retain Policyholders

Who among us wouldn’t jump at the chance to improve policyholder retention? The fact is that policyholders respond to your ability to decrease cycle times. Since retaining existing customers is easier and more cost-effective than attracting new ones, many insurers use enterprise content management (ECM) to improve speed, accuracy, and service.

On a fundamental level, ECM software allows insurers to take advantage of electronic storage and integration with core applications like policy and claims systems. The result is easy, efficient retrieval of information. More sophisticated implementations allow you to improve throughput related to claims and new business. This leads to a reduction in errors and the ability to process more work without adding staff.

Though many insurers have a content management strategy in place, few are creating environments that are fully embracing the idea. Maintaining the status quo is no longer good enough; failure to evolve can threaten your company’s livelihood. The challenge now is to look past simple document storage and retrieval and examine the ECM tools that are designed to help you lower your cost per policy and perform at a level that will delight policyholders.

Part 1 of this three-part series will explore how intelligent capture, a technology that was at one time cost prohibitive, can help you accelerate automation and reduce human error. Part 2 will feature the benefits of integrating electronic forms into your insurance environment. The series will conclude with a focus on dashboards, showcasing the advantages of monitoring staff and system productivity.

Intelligent capture for insurers

Regardless of how your information is delivered (paper, email, fax, MFP, web, etc.), intelligent capture fully automates the capture process. It begins by classifying the file based on information within the document. It then intelligently extracts and validates the data that is of value. This information can be used as indexing values or to launch workflows. It can also be made accessible for use in other applications. Once ingested, your content management system applies retention and security rules appropriately. It all happens without human intervention.

Content drives workflows—without the need for manual oversight

Intelligent capture bridges the gap between capture and process, enabling content-initiated automation. It helps optimize processes related to policies, claims, billing, and other back-office operations. The system extracts information to auto-populate indexing fields; launch into workflows or business processes; incorporate into your claims system, policy administration system, or other applications; or support automatic decisions based on business rules.

Intelligent capture goes above and beyond traditional zonal and template-based optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. The software’s advanced intelligent recognition functionality automatically classifies documents and extracts information intuitively. It adapts to changes within individual documents whether they are structured or unstructured. There is no need to pre-sort documents or separate them into batches. Intelligent capture delivers accurate, high-quality, complete information seamlessly to downstream systems.

Make straight-through processing a reality

Consider how this technology could enhance your ability to process and adjudicate claims quickly and accurately, and to underwrite more business. Straight-through processing becomes possible with intelligent recognition, the auto-classification of your documents, and intuitive data extraction, helping you to standardize processes and free your skilled staff for exceptions handling.

This enables faster, more accurate turnaround. To further please customers, real-time access to information ensures better service for policyholders and other stakeholders. Intelligent capture also accelerates administrative processes such as accounting, billing, and human resources, and helps to eliminate keying errors. It is a pivotal component to any automation strategy.

How to use Intelligent Capture:

Intelligent capture will transform your areas of operations that are driven by paper or by a combination of paper and electronic documents. Insurers benefit by implementing the technology to enhance:

Claims Processing

  • Without human intervention, capture, classify, index, and launch into workflows any incoming data related to accident reports, police reports, damage assessments, repair estimates, photographs, adjuster reports, and other documentation related to claims.
  • Integrate with workflow and use pre-established rules to notify claims managers and other stakeholders that action is warranted.
  • Make information that is vital to decision making available immediately upon receipt with the click of a mouse.
  • Integrate intelligent capture with your records management software to ensure that retention schedules are applied to each document.


  • Use intelligent capture for automatic document classification and index extraction.
  • Use the software to identify applications, questionnaires, MVRs, credit reports, and other incoming documents associated with new business and renewals, and launch them into workflows for underwriting review.
  • Identify, extract, and launch into workflows for review information related to policy changes.

Human Resources

  • Automatically capture, identify, classify, index, and route information associated with résumés, applications, credentials, certifications, and other hiring materials to make them immediately accessible.
  • Integrate intelligent capture with Lawson, SAP, PeopleSoft, and other human capital management (HCM) software. This leverages the value and boosts the functionality of your existing investments.
  • Upon capture, apply retention schedules to HR documents to help ease compliance related to HCM.

AP Invoicing

  • Upon receipt, automatically capture, identify, classify, index, and launch into workflows data related to invoice processing.
  • Extract invoice header information such as vendor name, date, and invoice total, as well as line item details. Push data to a workflow process, an ERP system, and/or an electronic repository for immediate search and retrieval.
  • Process more invoices in less time with improved accuracy and consistency.
  • Integrate intelligent capture with your records management software to ensure that retention schedules are applied to each document.

Vendor Onboarding and Administration

  • Upon receipt, automatically capture, identify, classify, index, and launch into workflows data associated with vendor onboarding.
  • Immediately route data from vendor onboarding forms such as W8 forms, W9 forms, payment information, contact information, licensing materials, and renewals for approvals.
  • Spend less time and resources focusing on administration so that you can focus on policyholder needs.

Lower your cost per policy

A happy customer is a loyal customer. Still, instilling customer loyalty is an area where all insurers struggle. It is not unusual for policyholders to shop around for the lowest insurance rates they can find unless they have a reason to stay, such as noteworthy customer service.

Intelligent capture helps you deliver improved service, automating processes that require a high level of accuracy and quick turnaround. It alleviates manual tasks, enabling your staff to be more attentive to policyholders and provide them with more accurate information. Stand out in a competitive marketplace. Explore ways that intelligent capture can help you nurture loyalty and lower your cost per policy.

Ian Llado is a senior account manager for insurance solutions and has been with DocFinity since 1999. He is instrumental in marketing DocFinity products, and manages high profile carriers in virtually every line of business including Property & Casualty, Life & Health, and other specialty lines. 


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